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Spending time outdoors, with the trees

11 Aug Spending time outdoors, with the trees

To me, Trees ARE life. When you are under a tree, there is something about it that you can almost  taste. It’s a lushness of life that you just want to simmer in. If you had a place to sleep and a bathroom, you’d like to sleep underneath that billowing tree…. Aaaahhhh… I have always wanted to live in a tree house. Imagine waking up everyday, not just listening to, but being one of the birds, high up in the branches, enveloped by this amazing being!

I would like to know how other people feel around trees, because I have an inkling that it’s about the same, but maybe you just don’t realise it. Maybe you don’t spend enough time around trees to feel them. Maybe you’re not still enough, or someone is talking to you.

Maybe you DO feel it. Maybe you want to spend all your time outdoors, but you don’t know how that would look in this modern world. Maybe you want a day outside, purely. with. nature. Come along on a Journey back to Nature, to learn and practice how to just BE in nature again- a lost art. Your memory will spark up on how to play outside again, how to remember to enjoy it, even though we don’t have to weave baskets or forage for food to survive. At the least, we can put the phone down, and do fun things outdoors, like stretch our weary bodies in ways, and in places you wouldn’t have thought possible! We can explore, hunt for treasure. There are many many gems to be found where forest meets water. With each new beautiful found bit, a collage begins to form, as we let our creative juices flow out in the fresh air, re-inspired by the earth.

Art piece on lake

These kind of practices help to ground us again, as we have become so detatched to our home planet, with our devices on hand constantly. This crazy, lightning-quick surge of technology, and along with that, being indoors to use it, has hit our species only in the last 75 years or so- since the Industrial Revolution!! KaPOW! A blink of an eye in comparison to the age of the Earth! We haven’t evolved with technology. We have evolved in tribes, being very close to the Earth, working with it, not against it.

A way to overcome that which disconnects us from what’s real can be found in Deep Ecology, which is basically a philosophy that we are a part of nature, and that we don’t own it. It is as important and intrinsic to our health and well-being as your plate of food or the house you live in. After all, it is our home.

Another way of looking at Deep Ecology can be a visual:

If you can imagine the difference between a person standing next to a big lake, looking at it, appreciating the view, and the person that gets INTO the pond, submersing in it- that person is going deeper, by becoming a part of that ecosystem.

IMG_4734This is a woman falling in love with Nature again. She knew she needed this, she knows she loves trees- after all, she climbed them regularly as a kid. But now she works every day, and feels disconnected because she’s just not used to being outdoors after all the schooling, training, working. Yet on this day, this Journey, she could finally embrace nature in its entirety, and after witnessing a beautiful sunset, she went home feeling like a new person.

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