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28 Sep Mindfulness

We incorporate mindfulness meditation with our back to nature journeys because not only does it calm and centre your mind, but the simple deep breathing technique cleanses your lungs and infuses your bloodstream with oxygen. This coupled with our silent hiking boosts your serotonin levels, beating depression while increasing longevity!! 

According to research out of the University of California, San Francisco…

“Deep breathing has been linked to a lengthening of people’s telomeres (the protective caps on chromosomes that impact aging and longevity).”

The best way is using a 1:2 inhale-to-exhale ratio…

For example, in a quiet place, get comfortable, close your eyes and inhale to a count of four through your nose; then exhale to a count of eight out your mouth.

When is the best time to do it?

Well, another study found that deep breathing and meditation before exercise  “can reduce depression symptoms by up to 40%, which beats doing either activity solo.” (Translational Psychiatry)
That’s because both activities–meditation and exercise–affect the same brain areas but in different ways. “Exercise spurs brain cell growth, while meditation helps neurons live longer.”
Beginning each Journey with a simple mindfulness meditation sets us up to make the most of every moment that day, as well as doing the best by our bodies and minds. Much of the day is actually quite meditative, as this leaves space for amazing sights, sounds and feelings to crop up- things that you may not notice otherwise. We have big blue butterflies, bright coloured parrots, and many incredible animals that might be missed should we not be aware of ourselves and surroundings, fully present.
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