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Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat

05 Aug Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat

shaunti sun

Being mindful means you are paying close attention to your surroundings and yourself. You are focused on the present moment. By practicing mindfulness, you can better handle stress and focus on a healthier lifestyle. Consider these steps to help you practice mindfulness, as well as other ways to better your life, such as adding exercise outdoors.
Focus on your breath.
No matter the situation—going into an important meeting, vacuuming, sitting down to rest—you should practice mindfulness by focusing on your breath. Before you enter work or a stressful situation, take a few calming breaths to center yourself. When performing a daily chore or simple task, instead of zoning out, practice mindfulness by centering your breath throughout the task. As you focus on your breath, you will become more aware of your other senses and thoughts.
Open your other senses.
Performing a simple task is the perfect opportunity to practice mindfulness throughout your entire body. As you vacuum or cut up a healthy snack, focus on your breath. Continue through the task, mindfully breathing, and consider how your skin feels or what sounds you hear. If there is a smell or taste in the air, acknowledge it and allow your mind to process it, but don’t get lost in the thoughts that may arise. As in meditation, let them pass over like fluffy clouds. Learning to focus on your senses will help you become more aware of yourself and the world happening around you. Stay present to all possibilities.

This is where the JUICE is!…
As you continue to practice being mindful, you may notice emotional and physical sensations you were not aware of before. These might be painful or upsetting at times, but they are important to your progress. Do not avoid these emotions because now you have the perfect opportunity to address them and heal. Your mind will wander, and you will encounter feelings you were not expecting. Embrace these wanderings, refocus on your breath, and return to the present. Therein lies the Gift!

Mindfulness practice is an excellent way to begin our Journeys, simply so you get the most out of every moment of it. If you are already doing the practice, you will be accustomed to it, and will get even more out of our special day out!

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