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Join us on an experiential journey through gorgeous landscapes around Byron Bay, facilitated by a qualified Environmental Scientist/Outdoor Adventure Leader. Half & full day retreats that help you reconnect with Nature in a deeper context than the usual drive-around ‘Eco Tour.’ We explore with the aim of not only learning about the environment and our inherent connection with it, but for that connection to be re-booted over the course of the day.  Our ‘Ultimate Byron Experience’ offerings are experiential adventures that take you on a very special Journey to help you fully de-stress, reconnect with Nature and self, while learning the ways of ‘Deep Ecology.’


deep eco journeys

“The Dream” – Full Day Journey

A full regenerative experience combining Nature art, yoga, swims, silent walk, and seeing wildlife while enjoying a relaxing day outdoors. We will enjoy a locally-sourced lunch and raw chocolate treat in amongst our day. We finish by retreating to a fantastic day spa in the hinterland, complete with spas, sauna, steam room and plunge pool.

byron bay nature walks

Full Reconnection Adventure

Restore, Relax and Re-connect with nature and pure life force energy via outdoor exploration, yoga, swims, and nature art in the gorgeous, pristine rainforests, beaches and special healing lakes of the Byron Bay area. Come away feeling revitalised, and with the tools you need to bring you back into a state of balance any time.


nature tour

Half Day ART in Nature

A fun & regenerative experience outdoors where we explore in order to create, play, and reconnect

byron bay yoga

Half Day YOGA Journey

Discover new ways to reconnect with Nature while stretching your body out and finding your centre


On these very special journeys around the beautiful Byron Bay area, you come away with powerful ways to reconnect any time you choose.

This is not a ‘drive around tour; it’s a sustainable and slow-paced way that allows us to really take in the beauty of our world and submerse in its nurturing presence while having a great time with like-minded people! This may replace anti-depressants, drugs, alcohol, and shopping sprees!