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Grounding for True Happiness & Healing

Earthing feet

29 Apr Grounding for True Happiness & Healing

Last week, I took 10 lovely young women out into nature. One was about to get married, and the rest from the UK or Australia, in support of this big life decision. They came, open-minded, to be greeted and whisked away to a beautiful waterfall amidst the lush tropics of the Byron Bay region. I led them through a grounding meditation after espousing the many benefits of this simple yet mostly unknown practice. There is something deeply fulfilling and powerful about meditating in nature amongst your comrades. It is completely incomparable to sitting in a little box, surrounded by four walls, removed from the healing forces of nature.

Little do we know, because we have become so out of touch with this phenomenon, in our continuing race towards ‘the prize’- wealth, comfort, and pleasure- nature has the most potent capacity to heal and ‘happify’ us. Contrarily, when we attain that money, that new car, that giant fridge, are we really happy? Studies show that people in Western cultures- who have the most-  are the least happy! So why do we blindly race towards what we assume will make us happy – suffocating ourselves with the deadly smoke of all this unnecessary production of ‘stuff’ in the process?! More importantly, we are killing this beautiful planet which gives us SO much. Watch this really cool youtube:

What we don’t realise is that the thing we are slowly killing (besides ourselves!) is the very thing that has the capacity to give us the REAL, TRUE gift of happiness. That is not a new TV, a big house, or fancy clothing- all of that we eventually take for granted anyway, so what’s the point? No, it is simple and pure. It is laying on the earth under a tree, holding hands with your loved one, looking up at the cloud formations. It is feeling the pulse of the planet under your feet, sending subtle tingles of energy up your legs. See the pinned post on my Facebook Page: You will learn from an electrical engineer how ‘Grounding’ or ‘Earthing’ absorbs the inflammation in our bodies, removing ailments, as all our ailments stem from excessive inflammation. That’s not even including the emotional benefits you get from BE’ing in nature- more on that later…

For peace, sanctity and inner health, try this: every morning, go outside and put your feet on the dewy earth or grass, feel the nice sensations run up your legs from the soles of your feet. Close your eyes and return to your mother by imagining sending your roots down to her core. Send all your worries, aches and pains down there through your extended ‘roots’, she will effortlessly melt them away. Then, send her love and appreciation for all she gives to you, even let yourself cry if you feel moved to. There is no shame in being sad for her and what we are doing to her. After a week of grounding/earthing, I promise you will feel different- more alive, connected, at peace- happy! Then, do something good for her in return. Join your local environmental campaign to give back. It’s time.

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