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Byron Bay Nature Walks

26 May Byron Bay Nature Walks

I’m going to hazard a guess that Nature amplifies and confirms wishes by about 10-fold. You are in the heart of creation, surrounded by  possibilities infinitum. Unlike our concrete world of walls and synthetics.


I actually like Captain Morgan Spiced rum. But after such a beautiful, heartening walk filled with wonder that fully lifted my spirits, I did not need any synthetic spirits! I took one look at the cardboard cut-out in the liquor store window and felt repulsed. With the gifts nature had freely given me, and the richness it left with me, that could only bring me down. An escape hatch with barbs at the end, booze is the back door route that leaves you dry and sad, as compared with walking out your front door into the divine bliss you find when you open yourself up to relating with the earth in such a profound way, like a lover, appreciating every delicate tendril, every amazing texture and variance of hue.


I noticed that when I began to cross a little creek, the frogs would stop their calling. I thought it must disrupt them every time someone goes into their area. They have to stop what they’re doing, which is calling for a mate, be afraid for their lives, and then wait for the trespasser to go away. This must cause the poor creatures alot of stress every time a human comes along, let alone those damn stupid motocross bikes some of the bogans drive in here (against the law). That must TOTALLY freak them out!
Right after this thought, my eyes laid upon a big amazing yellow mushroom!


It had spots on it, and was waxy, just growing straight out of the path’s clay soil! I thought it was quite odd. And definitely a gift for thinking this thought, because I always have the intention of passing thoughts like these on; it must be encouraging me.


Earlier today I came across a page called Make a Wish. After this little reward in the form of a really cool mushroom sighting, I stopped and made a wish. Something inspired me to make that wish, even though I didn’t get the same type of inspirational feelings the Make a Wish page guy (identifying himself as Yehoshanah), I thought I would go ahead and do it, just becasue I felt like it. So I wished for true love. As you do. As I have done so many times before. But according to Yehoshanah, onApril 1st, 2016, a super enhanced natural wishing ability phenomenon began! Well, woohoo! Why not give it a go?!


I thought- ohh give it up already. your wish should really be for your life’s work to be a success etc. etc. When I looked up, a big kangaroo darted out from his hiding place- a rare sighting for sure, which I took to mean that don’t stop short of your dream. He is showing me that there is a man in the bush for me, or something like that. I can’t describe the feeling, but it lit my whole heart up. Then I looked up at a big old gnarled tree which seemed to represent my true love’s wisdom (hopefully not his looks haha). I kept walking and looking at the tree, I saw clearly a head and body of a man!!  Tears came to my eyes as a put my hands to my heart, feeling so much gratitude for being shown that he is coming, and he will come through the work I do in the world. I can’t describe the happiness I felt, with that gift nature bestowed upon me.


And if I had been too lazy to get out of the house and into the glorious sunshine, taking my time along the way, with no goal in mind, letting all the human world stuff go, I would have never been so taken aback and feel so good.
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