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29 Oct
Nature and Forest Therapy: Shinrin Yoku

Don't suffer from burn-out, do Shinrin-Yoku!! Shin-what?! It's like taking medicine for stress and worry, and it basically means to bathe in the forest. It...

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16 Jun
Nature: A Panacea for our modern woes

Are you Depressed? Anxious? Feeling scattered? Nothing ever really satisfies you, and your endless desires pile up with no end in sight, no...

Digital Detox
08 Jun
Digital Detox

Humans have uprooted themselves from their natural environment in favour of comfortable surroundings. Now, we have come to a scary point in human...

Eco Tour Byron Bay
17 Feb
Science backs Healing with Nature

You feel better on return from a long day outdoors, in nature. More at peace, almost like a veil has been lifted, and you've...

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06 Dec
Nature Heals

How Forests Heal People from Nitin Das on Vimeo. Over thousands of years, our bodies and brains have developed surrounded by nature There is a...

rainforest walks
28 Sep

We incorporate mindfulness meditation with our back to nature journeys because not only does it calm and centre your mind, but the simple deep...

05 Aug
Mindfulness in Nature Day Retreat

Being mindful means you are paying close attention to your surroundings and yourself. You are focused on the present moment. By practicing mindfulness,...

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30 May
Little Explorer

We all know that kids have a built-in drive for exploration. This is how they develop their muscles, coordination, and many other physiological...

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26 May
Byron Bay Nature Walks

I’m going to hazard a guess that Nature amplifies and confirms wishes by about 10-fold. You are in the heart of creation, surrounded...