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A qualified Outdoor Recreation Leader (Cert III), Bush Regenerator (Cert IV), and Environmental Scientist (Bachelors of Science degree), I was raised with an Eastern philosophy in the adventurous area of Northern California.

“I have been exploring the Byron Bay area for the past 13 years, and the great outdoors since my youth. An artist, yogi, healer and surfer for over 20 years, I am always exploring fulfilling ways to expand out into the natural world, with the aim of finding peace, balance, and just what I need in that moment. I look forward to sharing this with you, and holding the space for you to find out how rich and deep life can be by leading a full range of mindfulness activities, with humour and a good dose of real-ness and fun!”


“Nature heals and uplifts. My objective is to facilitate that in whatever way it unfolds for you. If you are feeling empty, depressed, anxious or lost, this is the perfect chance to find what has been missing in your life”


What is a Yatra?

Basically an exploratory journey of mindfulness on foot.

The Sanskrit word ‘yatra’ means ‘journey’, ‘path of life’ or ‘pilgrimage,’ and is done in silence, allowing for basic communication. We will explore allowing for chit-chat as well as encouraging silence to engage more with the land and oneself.

A yatra is a unique journey providing a special environment to engage with and enquire deeply into the potential of ‘human awakening.’
In the company of like-minded people, a yatra takes place within some of the most pristine landscapes of our natural world.
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